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Company Analysis. Marvel is character-based entertainment company that dates back to 1939. It began as comic-book business, and the heroes and villains created by its writers captured America’s attention. It has changed hands several times, Marvel Entertainment Group (1989), and in 1998 when it was acquired by Toy Biz, Inc., and renamed Marvel Enterprises, Inc. Marvel enterprises operates under three product lines: Comic book publishing, toys, and licensing. The company now owns a portfolio of close to 5,000 characters and continues to earn revenues by publishing the comic books and novels that has a huge following. Nevertheless, licensing its character to third party producers of TV shows, video games, movies and toys has been a significant income earner since 2007 (Marvel.Com). Company Analysis.

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Since it emerged from bankruptcy, its profit margin has been expanding and it today’s boast of an incoming averaging $ 200M (Elberse, 2011). Since its business involves little cost, it success does not really depend with cost cutting but on the success of it films. Company Analysis

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