Leadership for the Greatest Good

Leadership for the Greatest Good

Leadership for the Greatest Good. Successive leadership, according to Bennis (2009), is not about being soft or tough, sensitive or assertive, it is about having a particular set of attributes, which are common in all leaders, both female and males. Character is on top of this attributes. Every leader has a driving force to change the world, but that even that noble goal does not justify the means, because character must count. Warren buffet was right when he said that ‘people are voting for the artist and not the painting’. Leadership for the Greatest Good.

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A leader is someone with a character to see things not at where they are but at where they are supposed to be. In every action the leader will be rallying his followers towards the set vision. Companies, therefore, are the direct reflection of their leaders. In the wake of the corporate scandals, there is no doubt character-based leadership will continue to take precedence. Leadership for the Greatest Good.


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