Worship can be described as declaration of and giving attribute to worthiness of God whereby people talks, sing about the goodness and power of God. In Hebrew, according to Morrison worship may show respect or an act of submission to a master by bowing down, kneeling, or for put one face down (1). Servants and slaves had to bow down when they were being addressed by their master as a sign to agree on what they were to do by listening and obeying the instructions given.

Another interpretation of worship would mean to serve. The Hebrews society used them to serve God, making a sacrifice and following His instructions. Kay says that worship will include the act of speaking, active listening and acting according to the instructions given (1). Worship may involve expression of heart; mind or the body while others gives praises upward, receiving instructions from above and carrying instructions around us.

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According to Patrick when believes and feelings are strong within an individual, it will produce the desired results or actions (2). An individual who merely believes that have been forgiven sins from actions against the will of Allah, will not have the desired results since there was o confession and a will to cease from further sinning. According to Anderson, acts of worships of the inner self includes compassionate actions, fear of Allah and His commands and desire to shun away from the sins (1).  

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