Western expansion leads to civil war

Q1 – Western expansion leads to civil war

Western expansion leads to civil war. Although the Texas revolution was caused by a multiplicity of factors, the Americans living in Texas were right in having a revolution. The misrule by the Mexican people and the cruel dictatorship of Santa Anna necessitated a revolution. There is no where a leader and the majority can mistreat the minority and expect loyalty from them. The racism in Mexico had gone beyond measures. Americans living in Texas and Mexico believed that they were superior to one another. Western expansion leads to civil war.

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During the cold war era, for example, U.S consolidated alliances against the Soviet Union. Most of the nation looked up on U.S as the global leader. In addition, the U.S government continued to spread ideals such as democratization and transparent governance which it considered as elements of good governance. On the other hand, U. S retained strong military base in other territories such South Korea to consolidate its influence.