Rogerian Essay on ‘why are Gasoline Prices so High

Rogerian Essay. Listening to the speech of the president of the United States, one would think that the federal government policy is doing nothing to arrest the problem of increased prices of gasoline. It has been said many times that this problem is contributed to by the instability in the Middle Eastern countries or greed of big oil companies which want to make a lot of profits by increasing prices. The government, by referring to the speech by the president, showed that his government is doing all it can to reduce oil prices but there is interplay of factors that is countering the efforts made. Rogerian Essay.

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The war on terror which is mainly fought in the Middle Eastern soil like the case of Iraq and Afghanistan has resulted in increased instabilities. Rogerian Essay.

These instabilities result in drilling companies in the area failing to do so hence reducing the supply of crude oil. For instance, recently Iran was under heated attack by the France, United Kingdom, and the United States over the allegations that it is producing lethal nuclear weapons hence shaking its economy (Diane 34). Being one of the largest producers of oil globally, the country has reduced its supply of this quality product hence resulting in reduced supply in the global market. This reduced supply has led to increase in prices as demand increasing. Rogerian Essay.

Rogerian Essay

Greedy oil companies in the United States have been blamed for the increased gasoline prices. This is because these companies with hold gasoline in order to cause increased demand. Rogerian Essay. They already know that once they with hold whatever quantities or volumes of gasoline they have, the prices of this product will increase and they will benefit by making a lot of profits (Bezanson 15). These companies also increase prices deliberately in order t make profits. It is therefore the responsibility of the federal government to protect its citizens from exploitation of greedy oil companies. Rogerian Essay.

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