Nobel Prize in physics

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Nobel Prize in physics

The Nobel Prize in Physics which is a Swedish award is offered every year by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. This is warded to scientists in the different fields of physics who demonstrate outstanding contributions to the field of physics. Nobel Prize in physics. The first prize under this category was offered in the year 1901 to Wilhelm Conrad of German. Till 2011, the award has been given to 105 times to 192 Nobel Laureates. Nobel Prize in physics.

The provision of the award has been of great importance in motivating new discoveries in this body of knowledge.

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This is in regards to the outstanding contribution of this discovery in physics. Nobel Prize in physics. The devotion and relentless efforts by these geniuses will live to be acknowledged in global scene and more specifically in physics. The discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe opens up new platform for further explorations on the nature of the universe with a special focus on the dark energy. This mystery is a vital element and an inspiration to world scientists who are induced to undertake more research to consolidate physics knowledge. Nobel Prize in physics.