How to Play Basketball

How to Play Basketball

Basketball is among the most famous sports globally and is played by some of the greatest athletes and offer thrilling moments to fans and competitors. However, there are some steps followed in playing this sport which includes:

  1. Dribbling

One of the basics of basketball is dribbling the basketball.

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Defenders should use their butt in keeping opponents from crossing in on them and grabbing the ball with both hands before they could bring it down to the chest level.

How to Play Basketball

  • Passing

After a player has defended for the ball the next step is to pass the ball. This step requires accuracy and crispy. One should not hold onto the ball to show of his dribbling skills. A team has a better chance at scoring when its members are good at passing to an open teammate. In order to get the scoring position effectively, the chest pas should be used and bounces the ball to the scoring position.