History of Latin America

History of Belize

Introduction – History of Latin America

History of Latin America. Belize is a country that is located at the Northern Coast of Central America and has a diverse society that comprises of many cultures as well as languages. This is the only country in Latin America where English is the official language (Krohn & Salam, 2004). History of Latin America . Belize attained independence recently in the year 1981 and is bordered by the Caribbean Sea, Mexico, and Guatemala. The country has a population size of about 333,200 inhabitants as per the year 2010. It has the least population density in the area and it is the only country in the region with British colonial history. History of Latin America .

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This is because much of the country’s economic growth was based on the performance of the exports and this depended on the preferential trade arrangements (Majewski & Gaimster, 2009). History of Latin America.Because of the increase in exports the country has been able to compete in the international market especially in the American market. There are prospects that in future the country’s economic conditions will be better following the current economic growth. I n summation, it can be argued that Belize as a country has moved from far in terms of politics, economics, and social matters. History of Latin America.


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