Family Related Issues

Explain if it matters that a parent literally had nothing to do with a
biological child in order for the child to take advantage of the Family and
Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to care for that parent.

 The type of relationship that an employee (child in this case) had with his/her parent does not determine the eligibility of an employee’s to the FMLA job-protected unpaid leave. According to the Family Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), employees will be entitled to protected unpaid leave if:

The family member (in this case, the parent) is seriously ill,

The parent is a service member recuperating from an injury, or,

The leave sought is to address qualifying exigencies arising out of family member’s deployment.

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The material facts must be supported by credible information from authoritative sources. Family Related Issues.

If it is the case of illness, the employee must make his submission accompanied by a genuine certificate from a qualified medic (Digital Video Library, (n.d). Again the employer must furnish the employer with the necessary details in a reasonable time frame. Incase in employer’s conviction the employee is not eligible for the leave, the employer can move ahead and reject the application. The employer is supposed to have a credible reason that can support his action in case the employee report the denial to the Wage and hour division. Family Related Issues.


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