Escape from Sobibor

Introduction – Escape from Sobibor

Escape from Sobibor is a movie that was casted and aired in the year 1987. The movie deals with the extermination camp at Sobibor. Sobibor was the site of the most successful rebellion by Jewish prisoners of the German extermination camps. The movie outlines that on October 14, the year 1943, eleven German officers and several Ukrainian guards were killed covertly by members of the camp’s underground resistance. About 300 out of the 600 prisoners in the camp escaped despite that most of them were re-captured and killed. Escape from Sobibor.

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These were some of the character traits that helped the prisoners to survive and escape the torturous death camp (Haggith & Newman 198). Prisoners were forced to work if they had skills and could be killed if they displease the guard. This therefore shows that one had to be courageous in order to survive. A good example here is Leon who planned and organized the escape since if he was caught he could have been killed. Escape from Sobibor.

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