Change Reaction Assessment

Change Reaction Assessment

            Organizational change can be described as defined as the process of transforming the current organizational behavior or processes to enhance its adaptability to the current organization environment. These changes emanate from changes in technology, social, legal, political and economical factors that determine the various organizational behaviors. Change Reaction Assessment.

            In their effort to provide more insight on understanding the concept of organizational change management Swinburne University of Technology (1993), developed models and frameworks on why change occurs, how it occurs and what needs be done to effectively accommodative it.

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They can therefore shape or enhance a certain behavior on their subjects. Change Reaction Assessment.

            From the above inferences it can be concluded that since the on the approaches may result into a conflict, unresolved since making and creative models can be combined to provide the most favorable approach (Lucas, 1994). This may involve leaders helping the rest to achieve their intended goals by invoking creativity in them which will helps in making these changes more acceptable to the individuals in question. Change Reaction Assessment.


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