Unit 5 – Organization Research


Business sector has in the recent been highly transformed following the integration of nations. This phenomenon has opened new opportunities for business organizations who seek to operate in the global markets. The case of Wal-Mart has been interesting following its steady growth and development over the last twenty years. Wal-Mart has been identified as a leading company in the retail industry in the globe. It is in fact the retail giant globally following its steady and sustainable success over the years. Unit 5 – Organization Research.

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As a result of this scenario, out of stock has been witnessed thus jeopardizing the confidence of the customers towards the company. The issues of culture and organizational management have also influenced the success of the company thus calling for swift intervention measures (Johnson, 2002). Unit 5 – Organization Research.


The discussion and analysis of Wal-Mart has demonstrated a potential and competitive business. Being the market leader in the retail industry, Wal-Mart has been able to expand its operations to different global markets. Its success is closely dedicated by its organizational vision and mission statement. The pricing, product and distribution strategy have also been key sources of success. Nevertheless, the global markets have not been very favorable for Wal-Mart whereby it has faced stiff competition as well as cultural barriers.


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