Strategic Alternatives and Evaluation

Strategic Alternatives and Evaluation

Infosys technologies Ltd,a global technology services company, was incorporated in 1981. Strategic Alternatives and Evaluation. The company provides end to end business solutions leveraging technology for its clients, including consulting,design,development,software re-engineering,maintenance,systems integration, package evaluation and implementation, and infrastructure management services. The company has internationalized its business to include many global branches in Australia, Shanghai and China. Strategic Alternatives and Evaluation.

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Strategic Alternatives and Evaluation

New format uncertainties in the technology sector posses a major threat to Infosys’ continued use of this digitalized online advertisement strategy. Strategic Alternatives and Evaluation.

However, this particular strategy has major weakness or disadvantage. Strategic Alternatives and Evaluation. Due to the cost of using this portal, only organizations with large budgets are capable of affording the pleasure of advertising in most of the desired billboards. Strategic Alternatives and Evaluation.

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