Socialized Healthcare


socialized healthcare. Management of health care has been identified as one of the most complex tasks in the human society. In regards to the importance of health services for the survival and better livelihood of humankind, there has been every need to ensure efficiency in the health care. Both developed and developing nations have been faced with a serious crisis in their endeavors of managing health care systems. socialized healthcare. The issue of finance and economics in the management of the health care systems in the developed nations has in this case faced serious troubles. Health costs have been skyrocketing and thus leading to the cutting back of health benefits. The structure of the health care systems in the developed nations and more specifically the US has been accused for the inefficiencies in the health sector.

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In summation, it has been noted that socialized health care does not come singly. Despite its advantages in ensuring universal provision of health care services, it contributes to a chain of troubles in the entire sector. The issue of finance has been the most outstanding limitation of socialized health care, whereby it has led to skyrocketing of health care costs. This has mounted unbearable pressure on government funding thus inducing high rise in taxes. The issue of quality and innovation in health care system has also been compromised thus challenging the efficiency of socialized health care system. Based on these criticisms, socialized health care should be abandoned and more efficient strategies put in its place to enhance efficiency in health care. socialized healthcare

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