Social Media

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Social Media

As a member of the American society, I have been socialized in socialized in the society mostly by the media. I have come to learn about the American social norms and values which include the dos and don’ts through a process of socialization. Socialization can be defined as a process whereby individuals are familiarized with social expectations in terms of behaviors and in regard to social norms, attitudes, beliefs, and values of the society where they live. People get to learn the expectations of society by listening to other people or through the media.

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For instance, a man may pose a question concerning what should be done to a girlfriend cheating on her man. People contribute online and give their views. When reading these views, I get to learn how people believe and value their social friends.

Social media has socialized me into the society by providing wide ranging information concerning the American society. Media is the most popular agency of socialization as it is used almost by all people in society. It has therefore taught me how to behave and conduct by presenting examples of people who have suffered or benefited as a result of following social norms and values.