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The Australian aging care system is facing a lot of problems. According to the two articles appearing in the Canberra Times, Plan calls for a new aged-care watchdog and Financial crisis next shock for aged care, aged Australians are receiving poor services and are at worst forced to contend with neglect. The mechanism and the facilities available are not adequate to offer effective care to the aged. Online Activity. Among other problems, the residential facilities and in poor quality and still not enough to accommodate the high number of aging Australians, those already in homes are faced with dietary problems, the homes are running at a deficit, the nurses rarely attend to aged needs and the entire management is painfully wanting. The whole of the aging care system is wanting and in dire need of reforms. Online Activity.

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Accreditation: nursing and midwifery board seek to regulate the courses offered in nursing schools.  Poor training may lead to substandard and half baked nurses. This is important in maintaining high standards in the nursing profession. Online Activity.

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