What is Fiction three features of fiction

What is Fiction three features of fiction


What is Fiction? The term fiction is mostly used in literature to mean something that is imagined, feigned, or invented especially pertaining to written and oral information. A good example here is the fiction of the golden apples by Walter Raleigh. The act of inventing is referred as fiction especially when something is created from the mind.

Literature work which is imagined or invented is considered as fiction, for instance, a certain book is fiction meaning that its information is not real. A body of literature that is created from imagination where there are no facts presented despite that it may be based on a true situation or story, is referred to as fiction. In the fiction genre, literature includes short stories, novella, and novel as most of the information in these literatures is not based on facts but mere imagination.

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Characters are the participants in a piece of work and setting is the place where the story was told. Exposition which is another element of fiction refers to the initial set up of a fiction story whereby setting is established, conflict initiated, and characters introduced hence giving the reader a clear understanding and introduction of the whole fiction work. Authors in most fiction works use foreshadowing in providing clues hence assisting the readers to predict what might happen at later stages of a story. The more the reader is able to understand a fiction the more it becomes interesting. Authors create climax at the end of the story or performance after the rising action and before the falling action.