Uses of Cell Phones

Following the currently revolutionized society towards digitization, cell phones have become the most common devices of remote communication. Besides the communication purpose of cell phones, they also have been popular electronic gadgets of computing and social networking tools among the people in the society of all ages (Garfinkel, 2007). Uses of Cell Phones. With the introduction of more advanced cell phones, specifically the smart phones, internet access and other useful applications for business people and office workers have been availed remotely through the use of cell phone internet. From schooling students to adults, cell phones have been among the prioritized life requirements due to their high utility among the people. This paper will discuss the uses of cell phones, and their various impacts among the members of the society. Uses of Cell Phones.

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Regardless of the type of cell phone used, the big concern has been on the issue of privacy and security of involving cell phones usage. According to Garfinkel (2007), being one of the modest forms of communication which involves voice messaging, there have been the risks of eavesdropping of the information being conveyed. This renders the mode of communication at high risk of having the information being conveyed to be overheard; making it less or not confidential any more. The high risk involved of the information security through cell phones has been one of the core areas that the net work security system needs to address effectively (Kingston, 2004). By doing so, the risk of information leakage through cell phones will reduce significantly. Uses of Cell Phones.


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