Discourse on the Method (Part IV)

Discourse on the Method (Part IV)

Part 1

The author started by explaining what is good sense and its importance in the world. It is indicated that good sense is the best thing in the world. Good sense is defined as the power of judging appropriately and telling the truth and differentiating it from false. Discourse on the Method (Part IV). This is what is referred to as reason. This shows that the difference in opinions does not mean that some people are more reasonable than others but because human thoughts are taken along various paths and do not address the same issues at the same time.

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This indicates that the ending is explaining the information indicated at the beginning. The author indicates that reason is well understood if it is examined hence there is need for examination of the thoughts and ideas of philosophical disciples.

Discourse on the Method (Part IV). This is where errors are identified and recognized since errors in reasoning are not nullified since they are based on certain opinions or points of view. With this information therefore I am convinced that the information about good sense presented at the beginning of the article is supported at the end of the article. Discourse on the Method (Part IV).