Canadian Court System

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Canadian Court System

Canadian Court System. Judicial authority in Canada is divided between the federal government and the provincial/territorial governments. The latter has powers in the administration of justice in the province, which includes the constitution, organization and maintenance of the courts both civil and criminal, in the province, as well as civil procedures in those courts. Quebec is different from the rest in that it administers civil law while the other provinces and territories administer the common law.

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Canadian Court System

Owing to their proficient in law, the lawyers try to show how their client has broken no law and at the same time portray the other as a law breaker or missing in the material facts (Morton, 2002). The lawyers ensure that the decisions made in the court are favourable to his client. A lawyer for example ensures that the case is not only fair but it is expedient. In this case, the lawyer may oppose unnecessary delays such as deliberate absenteeism. Canadian Court System.


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