Behavior Modification Project: Eat Healthy Food to Increase My Weight

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Behavior Modification Project: Eat Healthy Food to Increase My Weight

Identify the Target Behavior

Behavior Modification Project. I have selected this behavior change because I have started losing weight considerably and I have noted that eating healthy food may be a remedy. I have learned a lot about the importance of eating a balanced diet in order to increase weight. Behavior Modification Project. Eating an unbalanced diet may result in either overweight or underweight. I have assigned myself some specific roles to ensure that my eating habit promotes to increasing body weight. I have kept aside a certain amount of money to finance my eating habit since sometimes it is hard to eat healthy food that increases body weight. In order to ensure that I take healthy diet, I will ensure that I do the selection of eating materials and cooking myself. Behavior Modification Project.

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Building Motivation and Commitment

In succeeding in this behavior, the first strategy will be planning on where to get healthy foods. This will enable having healthy food ready all the time. The second strategy is planning when to have medical check ups in order to determine the development. This requires inclusion of dietary experts to offer information on what is required most.  Behavior Modification Project.