Battered Wives

Battered Wives

Some psychiatrists believe that battered wives who do not leave their husbands suffer from an illness referred to as masochistic abuse personality. If this idea became widely adopted by psychiatrists, what might be some of the positive and negative consequences?

The positive consequences about this idea are that the battered person will have a chance to redeem herself and gain self-worth. When a person is angered and goes into a place where it is silent she or he is able to recover quickly in peace as one can opt to make noise or things that will relieve the anger but when the same subject that tortured her is around she will only becomes worse. Battered Wives.

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Battered Wives. Moreover, if psychiatrists adopt this idea, the victim will heal fast but she will be left with vacuum of love and other challenges like motivation, behavior and other associated disorders which may develop for the person may feel that she did not perform better as expected thus the reason she was battered, others may become jealous of the married family and wish to return to their failed one even though it was worse and dangerous.

Some victims may not easily buy the idea that they are great and should let go their batterer husband and leaves, some people cling to the idea that it is possible to change their partner and in the event there are injured more and acquire severe disorders. Battered Wives.

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