Question 1- Health Services Finance -APA FORMAT WORK CITED

Question 1- Health Services Finance -APA FORMAT WORK CITED

GHA 9 — Assignment Exercise 17-2 (p. 499): Three Level Revenue Forecast
Create the required table in an Excel document and submit the assignment via the link provided below.
The idea of this assignment is that since we cannot tell the future we often make assumptions of what is likely to happen. When we make assumptions, we tend to have a realistic idea of what could happen, a sense of a ‘worse case’ scenario, and a sense of a ‘best case’ scenario. Looking at these three options helps us anticipate future need and plan accordingly.
To complete this assignment, you must calculate the revenue forecasts at each level (and show your work), but you do not need to create the line chart shown in Figure 17-5 (p. 209). In other words, just show your calculations — do not worry about creating a chart/graph.

Assignment Exercise 17-2 already provides you with the facts that you need. You are given the ‘base level’ forecast (which would be the same as the ‘basic forecast’ line in Fig. 17-5). From that you can use addition and subtraction to calculate the ‘high forecast’ (or ‘best case’) and ‘low forecast’ (or ‘worst case’) revenue amounts.
You might find it helpful to use this format:
Best: best volume per year x rate per procedure = best revenue per year
Base: base volume per year x rate per procedure = base revenue per year
Worse: worse volume per year x rate per procedure = worse revenue per year
This GHA is very straight forward. It should not take you more then a few minutes. Don’t get nervous if you feel like you finished too quickly. 🙂

Question 2- Health Services Finance- APA Format WORK CITED

GHA 10 — Assignment Exercise 17-3 (p. 500): Target Operating Income
Create the required table in an Excel document and submit the assignment via the link provided below.
For GHA 10:
Refer to Practice Exercise 17-II which is on page 500 in the OCR. The answer to this sample exercise is presented on page 523 in the OCR. You can use the same approach to solve GHA 10.

The general idea of this question is this:
A company wants to make $100,000. This is what is referred to as their “target operating income”.
They have a product that sells for $80.
The variable cost per item is $60 — so every time they make an item it costs them $60.
Their total fixed cost is $60,000 — so, no matter how many items they make they will have $60,000 in expenses.

There are two types of dollar amounts that we mentioned in the assumptions above: 1. overall dollar amounts 2. per item costs
If we look at the per item costs, we can see that each unit of the item sells for $80 but costs $60 to produce. The difference between these two numbers is what is known as the ‘contribution margin’ per unit. It is called the contribution margin because this is the amount of money that is ‘contributed’ to the operating income each time an item is sold.

The Assignment asks you to determine the required revenue (per unit sales price X volume of items sold) to achieve the desired operating income.
Operating Income Using the Contribution Margin Method:
N = (fixed costs + target operating income)/ (contribution margin per unit)
If you plug in the identified numbers (based on the information above), you will determine the number of units (“N”) that will need to be sold in order to achieve an operating income of $100,000.

Question 3- Health Policy and Politics APA FORMAT 260 words

What do you think about the role and success of tort law in promoting high quality health care? Does it help to deter errors? If not, why not? What are some of the alternatives to our tort law system to promote high quality health care?

Question 4- Feminist Thought 880 words MLA Format all work cited

Choose a famous woman in history (Elizabeth I ), introduce the major stages of her life, explain her significance and highlight the reasons why you consider her a major figure in history. It is important that you go beyond simply listing facts from your sources; you must make the material your own by commenting on, evaluating, and explaining the facts, that is, you’ll be writing an expository essay. Your thesis at the end of the Introduction should make it clear what particular achievements of the person you’ll be focusing on in your paper.

In other words,
Please DO NOT:
– attempt to give a complete overview of the person’s life from cradle to grave;
– simply copy facts and data from your research sources.
If your paper offers mainly the above, it will receive a very low score!!!

Please DO:
– present YOUR OWN portrait of the person. Make clear what achievements of the person YOU value most;
– do this by selecting specific details then explain and evaluate their significance in general as well as for yourself.
If your essay presents a portrait of the person that only you could have written because it reflects your own interests and insights, that paper will receive a high score!

There can be only 2 research papers on the same person so it is first come, first served. E-mail me your choice of topic as soon as you can and I’ll confirm if the person is still available. If you are picking your topic late, I strongly suggest that you e-mail me a list of 3 names indicating your priority to speed up the process in case your first choice is already taken.

THE DEADLINE TO HAVE YOUR TOPIC CONFIRMED IS THE END OF WEEK 5!!! NOT HAVING CHOSEN YOUR TOPIC BY THAT DEADLINE WILL RESULT IN POINT DEDUCTION. If you fail to propose a topic by the end of week 6, your research paper will not be accepted.

This is a research assignment so you must use minimum 3 quality, reliable research sources. At least 1 of your main sources must come from a database! There is a library workshop scheduled for week 8 when you can work with a librarian to locate useful sources for the paper. If you are using sources that are not from a database, you are fully responsible for evaluating these sources for credibility. Sources that reveal no author should NEVER be used. Please do NOT use Wikipedia (for this very reason). If you are using google when searching for sources, stick to the educational and serious professional websites. The quality of your sources will be a part of your grade. (You’ll learn more about evaluating your sources in the Library workshop.)

Make sure to avoid plagiarism (that results in immediate failure of the course) by following the MLA guidelines on documenting sources. The mandatory MLA workshop scheduled for week 3 includes all the necessary information.

Required length of paper: 880 words MLA Format

Question 5- Feminist Thought 210 word MLA Format work cited

This week we’ll be conferencing about your research paper. This is a graded Discussion Board with special grading criteria: to receive maximum credit (100%), you must post 1 useful tip for your fellow students regarding the process of writing the research paper. Your tip must be explained in minimum 210 words and can reflect on any phase and aspect of the project, e.g., finding credible research sources, using the MLA, drafting the paper, creating an interesting point of view, etc. You don’t need to submit the usual 3 responses this week. I’ll be reading your posts, of course, and will include my observations whenever necessary. I’m here to help you with the complex process of designing your research paper.

Question 6- Marriage and Family Mla Format Attached files (What is Love ) Comes from chapter 6 the topic you will write about is “what is love ”
You will be writing a Essay 300 words MLA Format

Your eText in Chapter 6, talks about love and loving relationships. Create a presentation that expands on any one of the sub-categories (e.g., Liking and Loving, or what is Love, or Caring, Intimacy, and Commitment, or any of the other sub-categories in Chapter 6 and expand on that category in a way that teaches the class something about the topic you choose.

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