Strategic Human Resources Management Capstone | HRM495-Q1WW-F17 Compensation & Benefits Plan

Strategic Human Resources Management Capstone | HRM495-Q1WW-F17
Compensation & Benefits Plan
Start Date:
Mon, Nov 20
Due Date:
Sun, Nov 26
Points available: 40
Not yet graded.
The purpose of this assignment is to construct a compensation and benefits system for GCC.
This week, you will examine GCC’s current compensation and benefits system, how GCC provides
compensation for various levels of employees, and how the business strategy of an organization is
reflected in its compensation program. Your system design will include planning for employee
communications and devising methods of administering the compensation system.
Action Items
1. Review this sample compensation and benefits plan for GCC. Your professor will cover this
plan and how you can develop your own for your final paper in more detail during your
weekly class/online meeting. This plan is a sample and is not to be copied or used in your
final paper, as this will be considered plagiarism.
Write an HR team paper describing your proposed GCC compensation and benefits plan.
Include the following in your paper:
a. A description of your compensation and benefits plan.
b. Rationale for key elements of this compensation and benefits plan.
c. Rationale for including benefits to all employees.
Submission Instructions
By the due date indicated, upload your paper using the Submit tool.
Grading Criteria
Your work will be assessed according to the associated rubric.
Points Earned At the college level, the
emphasis in grading is on the
content of assignments and the
effectiveness of communication.
Minimum Expected
Points Assignment
Meets All Minimum
Maximum Points
Significantly Exceeds
Key components of compensation
page 1 of 2 – 11/06/2017
and benefits plan are described
Clear rationale for key elements of
compensation and benefits plan are
Rationale for providing benefits to
all employees is included
Application of concepts/principles, thesis,
support, breadth and depth, relevance,
accuracy, synthesis, and analysis
19 25
Effectiveness Style, appropriateness to
purpose and audience, tone,
flow/readability, clarity, organization,
11 15
Subtotal (points earned before any
applicable deductions)22 30 40
Points Deducted Error-free mechanics and meeting stated format criteria are the baseline
expectations for assignments. Points will be deducted for failing to meet these requirements.
Mechanics Grammar, spelling, punctuation up to -5
Format Length, attachments, appearance,
citations, APA guidelines up to -5
Total (points earned minus any applicable
deductions) 0 – 40
Time Estimation
Estimated time for completion: 4.0 hour(s)
GCC Sample Payroll Budget.pdf;
page 2 of 2 – 11/06/2017


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