Please select one of the following cultural competencies as the basis of your assigned paper.

Please select one of the following cultural competencies as the basis of your assigned paper.
Competency 1:
Apply knowledge of social and cultural factors that affect nursing and health care across multiple contexts.
Objectives include:
1. demonstrate an understanding of culture and cultural competence in practice

2. compare similarities and differences in values, beliefs, and practices among and within diverse populations

3. explain the relationships among cultural, physiological, ecological, pharmacologic, and genetic factors

4. integrate social and cultural assessment data (including language and health literacy) in planning, implementing and evaluating care.:

Content of the paper may include:
• cultural as well as social determinants
• cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and cultural competence
• cultural self-awareness
• health disparity as well as healthcare disparity
• health literacy and linguistic competence
• population as well as population health;
• population based health disparities; and
• patient culture as well as healthcare provider culture as well as organizational culture

Examples of the methods students may use to meet the objectives and maintain the quality of the work:
• present selected models, and approaches to cultural assessment
• compare and contrast dominant cultural characteristics for selected patients, families, and groups
• create cultural care plans for patients and families from a variety of cultures and across the life span
• discuss students’ cultural self-awareness
• identify population-based health and healthcare disparities
• discuss the document “Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Standards”
• discuss Hospitals, Language and Culture: A Snapshot of the Nation, a report from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Must use 2 medical journal articles published in the last 5 years

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