The data represents SAT scores in the US in a 2009 year by state

BUS 210, Exam #1, Part I, Fall 2017                                            Name _________________________________


Instructions:  This exam is in two parts: Part I is to be completed partly at home using the materials posted on Blackboard for Part I and you will answer questions about that work in class below; Part II is to be completed entirely in class.  You may not use cell phones, and you may only access internet resources you are specifically directed to use.


Part I: At home, open the data file entitled 210exam1part1data.xlsx posted in Blackboard.  Complete the calculations noted below.  You will be asked for additional analysis and interpretation of this data in the in-class portion of the test.  Bring the file with you on a flash drive, or upload to Exam #1, Part I in Blackboard (this submission will not be graded: the file will need to be reuploaded to Blackboard as part of the complete exam; it’s just for you to have access to your calculations during the test).


The data represents SAT scores in the US in a 2009 year by state.  Create the following graphs:


  1. A histogram of “Percent Taking” percentages. Your histogram should have 8 bins. Label the graph appropriately.
  2. Create a scatterplot of “Percent Taking” vs. “Combined” scores. Adjust the axes to the range 0% to 92% for the x-axis, and 1350 to 1850 in the vertical axis.   Label the graph appropriately.
  3. Calculate the mean and standard deviation for Percent Taking.
  4. Calculate the 5-number summary and the upper and lower fences for Combined Score.


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