Nursing podcast – episode (1) from a women’s and/ormen’s health related podcast

As future nurses, you will care for a wide variety of clients, some of which you may have no experience in managing or communicating with in regards to their disease, conditions, concerns, and/or questions. You may find yourself in a position where you are confronted with something that you yourself have not reflected upon; Perhaps this will be related to your own culture, religion, moral and ethical beliefs, or simply because you have not had the exposure to know that it even existed. In this activity you will select an episode (1) from a women’s and/ormen’s health related podcast. You will listen to the episode and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and how you will or will not change your nursing practice after your learning. In addition to the student’s personal view, summarize at least one scholarly source related to the topic and incorporate into the journal assignment.

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