Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach

Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach



This project has several components. First, you will be asked to listen to musical compositions by the composer to get a sense of his/her style. Then you will conduct research on the life of the composer, the historical epoch in which he/she lived, the style of music in which he/she composed and finally, research a topic of your choosing that is somehow related to your composer to construct an annotated bibliography that will contribute to the development of your first draft. Finally, you will create an engaging presentation that will bring the composer to life for your classmates.


Paper Length:


6-8 pages typed, APA format.  Style, punctuation, grammar and spelling count towards your grade, as do clear organization, good flow and well-structured paragraphs. Please make use of the Writing Center. It is not permitted to have an individual “craft” your paper, meaning what you submit must your own research and writing.


Annotated Bibliography:


Your annotated bibliography will be due the day we have our library session, October 3. When we meet with the librarian we will use that time to search more carefully for sources, especially scholarly articles that will help you direct your research. Prior to that session I would like you to take stock of what you already have and be able to articulate what you are missing and looking for. Read over this link on annotated bibliographies:


What to include in your annotated bibliography:

  1. A brief introductory paragraph stating the main points covered in your research.
  2. For each source:
  • Citation details (bibliographic information)
  • Annotation: a paragraph of 50-100 words
    • that briefly summarizes the contents of the source
    • speaks to the sources usefulness to your research
    • where you will use it in your paper
    • how the source stands up to the CRAAP Test (what its strengths and weaknesses are).
  1. Concluding paragraph that states the gaps in your research and poses questions to guide your further research.


CRAAP Test link:


Content of paper:


Your paper must contain, but not be limited to, the following information:


Introduction-At a minimum, this paragraph should include a roadmap of the rest of the paper, introducing the reader to the main ideas that will be discussed.



  • Biographical information.
  • The historical period/context and events that might have impacted the composer’s life and musical output. Relate the composer to his/her time.
  • A discussion of the composer’s musical style.
  • An area of research of your choosing. In this section, I would like you to try and relate something that you are interested in to your composer. For example, if your composer was Italian from the Baroque period and wrote many violin concertos, you could explore violin making during this period. This is your time to really explore the era as you like.
  • An analysis of a piece of music of your choice. This analysis should include musical, historical and social aspects. Pay special attention to the genre of the piece and describe this form independently of the piece as demonstration of your understanding of the genre. Use the Listening Guides from The Enjoyment of Music as an example of how to do this. If there is a piece by your composer discussed in the textbook, you may use it for this part of the paper but you do not have to. Use at least two sources for this section. You will be asked to submit the tittle of your piece prior to your draft meeting.


Concluding Paragraph-Recap of the most important points of the paper. Articulate why all these components are important when looking to understand the music of a composer.




You must consult a minimum of five scholarly sources and cite them in a bibliography using APA guidelines. One required source is the article on your composer in Oxford Music Online.  Additionally, two of the five sources must be scholarly articles and one source must be a book. You will use Naxos Music Library database for this project but it does not count as one of your five sources.


There are also a number of books on reserve in the library, under MUSC 220/221, that you may find helpful.


The Perdue Online Writing Lab (Perdue OWL) is a great resource for bibliographies and writing in general.


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