analyzing the movie CRASH- gender stereotypes, racism

Focus one paragraph at the dynamic relationship between race, institutional racism and social policies which results in the racial wealth gap. The reading in ADM, chapter 7 offers a historical case study of how American annexation of Mexico transformed their citizenship to foreigners in their native land, and how their immigration status produced economic difference.
Two articles from SCDI illustrates that current wealth gap between groups of color and whites is consequential of certain laws, policies and court decisions that creates the historical discrimination against groups of color. Mantsios’ writing investigates the role of the mass media in influencing the public understanding of social/economic class. To close the gap, such structural barrier needs to be addressed.
Answer and discuss the following question through the uploaded readings : How does Lui’s discussion on historical discrimination and racial inequality help you to understand current economic differences among various racial and ethnic groups? Why does Mantios argue that media representation of class construes the way our public policy responds to economic equality?

Also This week students watch the film, CRASH (on youtube but its like $2, you can include that fee on my account or see if you can find one without a fee) it is a movie featuring Sandra Bullack, Matt Dillon and Don Cheadle. and discuss important lessons learned regarding factors contributing to and enforcing negative stereotyping, misunderstanding, and misrepresentation of racial and ethnic groups which creates tension, division and violence among groups in the community. The film also presents scenarios of sexual violence against women of color which individual students shall examine and provide suggestions for solution to prevent and end such violence. After you watch the film, read the follow assigned readings Assignments
Gorham, "The Roots of Male Violence," Gender Violence.
Katz, "Ten Things Men Can do to Prevent Gender Violence, Gender Violence.
Kent, "The Confluence of Race and Gender in Women’s Sexual Harassment Experiences, Gender Violence. You can find these reading on All three articles are on ereserve. The ereserve password is eths311.
After you read offer some thoughts on a needed collaboration among women and also men to build a community of empowerment for marginalized women. In which ways do characters in the film reinforce a stereotypical view of their own racial and ethnic group? How does this portrayal critically challenge race/ethnic relations? What are the most important lessons you learn from the film regarding the meaning of race and ethnicity and sexual violence against women of color? Then finally Identify and discuss a story from the NYTimes that is an example of how racial/ethnic stereotypes shape racial/ethnic relations ( MUST INLCUDE SITE AND CITATION).

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