Epi Lab II: Mortality Tables of Erie County 1869-1870



Epi Lab II: Mortality Tables of Erie County, 1869-1870

This assignment uses the “Erie Mortality Table Erie County, 1869-1870” dataset on blackboard.


  1. The total population of Erie County was 65,973 in 1870. What was the annual crude mortality rate per 100,000 during the time period June, 1869-May, 1870 represented in the data?


  1. What were the Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in Erie County in 1869-1870? Create a table showing the Top 10 Causes, death counts and cause-specific mortality rates.



HINT: You can use the pivot table feature in Excel to count each manner of death but consider inconsistencies in how deaths were recorded and the possible need to reclassify certain deaths.


  1. Use a pie chart in MS Excel to show the proportionate mortality for causes of death in Erie in 1869-1870.


  1. Use a classification system to categorize all listed causes of death into 10 or fewer (no less than 5) total categories. For example, accidents, suicide, and injuries might be reclassified “injury-related deaths”. All causes, including unknown or “other” causes must be captured by your classification.


HINT: You may need to look up some of the archaic terms for manners of death on-line to determine their modern equivalents. E.g., – “Consumption”= Tuberculosis


  1. Report the Top 5 leading causes of death stratified by age group. How you choose to define age-group is entirely up to you, but your choice of age categories should be justifiable based on common sources of mortality.



  1. Are there any differences in the types of causes of death by occupation (title) or occupation status (e.g., blue collar/laborer, white collar/professional, not employed)? Note that many elders, females and children do not have occupations listed. Report and interpret your findings.



  1. Are there any differences in cause-specific mortality by place of origin (state or nationality)? Report and interpret your findings.



  1. From your data, what can you conclude regarding the relative importance of infectious diseases and chronic diseases as causes of death in late 19th Century Erie?


  1. As an epidemiologist or a clinician with current tools and medicines, what disease(s) would have you targeted for prevention and what approaches would you used to control the spread of disease or prevent mortality?



  1. Compare the leading causes of death from 1869-1870 to the leading causes of death reported for 2011 for Erie County. (See Epidemiology Profile of Erie County, 2011 posted on Blackboard). Discuss the differences in crude mortality and leading causes of death. What does the data reveal about the epidemiological transition in Erie County?

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