MEs Suppose an IME is properly requested by a defendant in the Justin King case. What would be the consequences of Justin King refusing to submit to such an exam?


Suppose an IME is properly requested by a defendant in the Justin King case. What would be the consequences of Justin King refusing to submit to such an exam?


Initial Client Interview Form







Marital Status: Not specified Dependents: Not specified


Military Status: Not specified


Occupation: Self-employed


Employer Name, Address, Phone Number: 123 Main Street, Chicago, Illinois



Membership in Union or Professional Organization: Not specified


Police Record (if any): Not specified


Have you ever filed bankruptcy? If so, please explain. Not specified





Type of Work: Musician Job Title: Singer


Immediate Supervisor’s Name: Not specified (A cancelled artist contract with MCI Records)


Salary or Hourly Rate: Not specified (Cancelled MCI contract worth $275,000 a year, plus a percentage of sales)


Number of Hours Worked Weekly – Before Accident Not specified

– After Accident   Not specified



Benefits (Company car, pension plan, vacation, expense account, etc.)

Not specified




  • Justin King won the National Idol regional contest in Chicago last year; the regional finals were likely on April 5th
  • Accident occurred on Interstate 57, just south of Chicago, while Justin King was on the way back from his agent’s office in Chicago, after signing the contract with MCI Records


  • The contract with MCI Records was a three-year contract for $275,000 a year, plus a percentage of sales to be received by Justin King


  • The accident likely occurred on the April 8th


  • On the day of the accident, Justin King was riding a motorcycle at a speed of 60-65, travelling south on Interstate 57, in the left hand lane


  • A beer truck, probably carrying Coops beer, approached Justin from behind, with flashing lights to indicate wanting to over-take


  • Justin King moved to the right lane to let the truck pass, which was going in the same direction as Mr. King


  • As Mr. King moved to the right, he saw a couple of cases of beer flying towards him, and he swerved left to avoid them, likely leading to the accident


  • Justin King regained consciousness in an emergency room at a hospital in Paxton


  • The doctors informed Mr. King that 9 facial bones were broken due to the accident, and they had put wires in his jaw to secure his face


  • Justin King spent two days in the Paxton ICU


  • While at the Paxton hospital, Mr. King was informed by his agent that he had to withdraw from “National Idol” competition, and could not continue to the national level finals


  • Due to his injuries, Justin King couldn’t eat solid food for three days, and had a tube shoved in his throat


  • After his agent informed him that he couldn’t participate any further in the “National Idol” competition, Justin King reacted by loosen the wires in his jaw to practice singing


  • A doctor and nurse saw Mr. King trying to remove the wires, and tried to advise him that the wires were holding his ‘face together’ (which they deemed necessary as a result of the 9 broken facial bones)


  • Justin King got angry, and the doctor(s) medicated him to calm him down, causing him to sleep


  • To avoid Mr. King causing further injury to himself and others, he was restrained while asleep, and handcuffed to his bed


  • Justin King woke up the next day, and found his family and agent in his room. Since he couldn’t talk, he wrote on a piece of paper, “GET ME OUT OF HERE – I WANT TO GO TO A REAL HOSPITAL!!!!”


  • The agent made arrangements, and Justin King was transferred to Metropolitan Memorial Hospital up in Chicago


  • King was transferred to the Chicago hospital in an ambulance; the ambulance company was likely based in Bloomington


  • Justin King does not remember what forms, if any, he signed during the ambulance ride; he thinks he might have signed a release form


  • King is unsure about whether the ambulance driver gave any form signed by Justin King to the Chicago Metropolitan


  • At Metropolitan Memorial, Justin King was in a private room


  • After a couple of days at Metropolitan Memorial, a doctor checked on Mr. King, and informed him that his jaws were “moving”. The doctor also said that the wires were loose and the left side of my face was “higher”


  • Another doctor was brought in for “re-setting” the bones in Mr. King’s face, but apparently it didn’t work. The doctors tried to fix his face another time and it didn’t work either.


  • The doctors did not tell Justin King why the “re-setting” of the bones was not working


  • Justin King’s contract with MCI Records was cancelled by the company last year


  • As a reaction, Mr. King tried to kill himself, and was admitted to the psychiatric ward at a Kansas City hospital


  • King stayed in the Kansas City hospital for a year, and was medicated with uppers, which have to be continued after his release


  • Justin King has been released from the Kansas City hospital a few weeks ago


  • King has been prescribed anti-depressants to prevent suicidal tendencies, and which he has been taking his medication regularly


  • Justin King has incurred $145,000 in medical bills, and is expected to have medical costs worth over $100,000 in future medical bills, with plastic surgery and counseling



  • Truck Driver, transportation company, and/or beer company
  • Doctors and nurses at Paxton, Chicago Metropolitan and/or Kansas City hospitals
  • Justin King’s agent (if agent contract exists)
  • MCI Records
  • Ambulance driver and/or medical staff who transported Mr. King from Paxton to Chicago Metropolitan





  • Marital Status, Military Status and Dependents
  • Membership in Union or Professional Organization
  • Police Record (if any)
  • Prior filing for bankruptcy
  • Any current employment for Justin King
  • Any benefits claimed by Justin King, including insurance
  • Names of doctors and medical staff who interacted with Justin King
  • Any communication with truck driver or the beer company
  • Any prior legal action taken regarding the accident
  • Medication prescribed during hospitalization and after-release
  • Communication from MCI Records and/or Mr. King’s agent regarding cancellation of contract
  • Any family or friend who was present during interactions with doctors/nurses/Mr. King’s agent who could corroborate Mr. King’s version of events, or provide additional information





Potential Witnesses


  • Truck driver to be interviewed


  • Any witnesses to the accident


  • Victims of any collateral damage caused due to the accident who might have claimed insurance


  • Personnel involved with emergency response services, including ambulance personnel, fire and medical staff, police officers, and tow truck service providers


  • Interviews with hospital doctors and nurses from Paxton, Chicago Metropolitan & Kansas city


  • Ambulance driver and medical staff who transported Mr. King from Paxton to Chicago Metropolitan


  • King’s agent


  • Representative from MCI Records


  • Representative from “National Idol” competition


  • King’s friends and family






  • Traffic Accident Report filed by the relevant law enforcement agency


  • Photographs of the scene of the accident, including traffic devices, speed limits, highway cameras, and visibility shots providing each driver’s field of vision. Since the accident occurred a year earlier, incident photographs including point of impact and skid marks to be obtained from the relevant law enforcement agency report


  • Measurement of Interstate 57’s section leading upto the point of impact, including width and placement of any protective side barriers


  • Truck involved in the accident to be identified, and photographs of the vehicle to taken including damage from collision, any mechanical malfunctioning, as well as mechanical maintenance reports before and after the accident


  • If traffic signals present near the accident, the ‘timing and sequence sheet’ is required, as well as any reports of malfunction during the accident


  • If highway cameras are present, footage relevant to the accident to be obtained


  • Hospital records and diagnostic reports from Paxton, Chicago Metropolitan and Kansas City hospitals


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