ethical position paper


This is an ethical position paper, take a stand For or Against. 15 slides power point.

Topic: Abortion

Recommended Web Sites:

www://http// www://http//



Required Reading:

Nurse Practice Act, With Regulations and Related Statues, Board of Registered Nursing

Search your prospective practice state. (2014 or most recent edition)


Purtillo, R.B., Doherty, R.F. (2010). Ethical dimensions in health professions (5th ed.) Chapter 1


Perform a literature search of ethical dilemmas in nursing and locate two articles from scholarly nursing journals related to the topic of your interest.  Please refer to Grading Rubric to review possible topics. The articles may be utilized for your Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Paper.



Text Books


Required Reading:


Purtillo, R.B., Doherty, R.F. (2010). Ethical dimensions in health professions (5th ed.) Chapter 3



Jonsen, A.R., Siegler, M. & Winslade, W.J. ( 2010). Clinical ethics: A practical approach to ethical           decisions in clinical medicine




Ethical Position Power Point Presentation Rubric

Criterion                                                               Total Points Possible 20 Points Earned/

Points Possible 10

·       The student will identify a major ethical dilemma in nursing facing the profession of nursing and succinctly analyze and discuss the issue using supporting professional documentation using scholarly nursing research and evidenced-based practice information. (1 points)

·       The position presentation proposes a thesis statement.

(1 point)

The presentation addresses the following:

·       Describes and analyzes the ethical issue using either the Utilitarian or the Deontological approach. (1 points)

·       Takes a pro or con view of the issue and provides the argument in support of your view. (1 point)

·       How might strategies be used to prevent or to minimize conflict? What strategies might be applied if conflict does arise? (1 points)

·       The ethical dilemma in nursing considered important in today’s health care organization. (1 points)

·       How might ethical dilemma in nursing alter your way of caring for patients in nursing? (1 points)

·       The presentation lists major points in the slides, including detailed explanations in the speaker notes section that correlate to each point. (1 point)

·       The presentation includes videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate. (1 point)

·       The members do not read from the slides or note cards.

(1 point)













Organization/Development (5 points) Points Earned/

Points Possible 5

·      The presentation is 12 to 15 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in length and includes detailed speaker notes on each slide. (1 point)

·      Adheres to time limit (1 point)

·      The power point follows guidelines for P/P. Colors, font,6 items max per slide, background, etc. (1 point)

·      Each section of the proposal provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points. (1 point)

·      Each section of the proposal is logical, flows, and reviews the major points. (1











Mechanics (5 points) Points Earned/

Points Possible 5

The presentation—including the title page, Minimum 10 peer reviewed references, tables, any appendixes, or images—is consistent with APA 6th edition guidelines as directed by the facilitator. The presentation is laid out with effective use of

headings, font styles, and white space. (3 points)

·      Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct. (2 points)






Total _____/20


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