Week 1 Individual Project – Starting with Tableau

  • Week 1 Individual Project – Starting with Tableau (DUE THIS WEEK)Please click on the link above to submit this week’s assignment.
Write a report describing a real-world data set using various types of visualizations. More specifically:
    • Find an interesting data set online and download it. You can look for one at the following sources:
    • Load the dataset into Tableau and generate various types of visualizations. These should accurately and clearly show what the data contains and allow the reader to see trends and other interesting patterns. Make sure to take into account what you have learned so far about perception and design considerations.
    • Write the report. The report should include the following:
      • An overall description of the dataset you used (source, number of records and attributes, what it represents?, what was is used for?, etc.)
      • Figures showing the visualizations you generated in Tableau along with descriptions of these figures and any conclusions you can draw from them. You should have at least five different figures, which illustrate the dataset from different points of view.
      • Description of how you used the material covered this week to build the visualizations.
      • Final conclusions you can make about the dataset.
    • You are required to use IEEE format for styling the report, except use single column layout.
Please read the template for help.
Submission Directions:
    • Submission Directions:
    • Please submit this assignment (a MS Word document containing the report) by Sunday of Week 1 at 11:59pm CT.
    • You will be graded based on the following rubric:
Criteria Description Points
Quality of Visualizations The figures are clear and elegant and take into account design considerations and theories of perception. 5
Completeness of Report The report includes all required information. 2
Writing The writing is clear and effectively communicates the information. 2
Following Directions The assignment followed all specified directions. 1

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