evaluating websites

Examine several websites on this topic.
In written,
• examples and specific information,
o explain why these websites are or are not appropriate for college level student research or for class use (refer back to the information in the library tutorials!)
o explain the value (or lack thereof) of the websites for use in your professional work.
o describe any concerns you have about the websites’ reliability/validity and give examples for why you have those concerns. If you don’t have any, explain why.
• APA format.
• Include a cover page.
• Reference page.
• Approximately 1-2 pages.
• The reference page should contain hyperlinks to the websites’ homepage.
• Be well written and include proper use of grammar and spelling.


If you can have one question each paragraph with answering it for 4 websites, then another paragraph with the second question and answer for 4 websites so on.

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