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What MLA writing style entails?

There are many types of academic papers which students write before they are done with their courses.  In this case these papers need to be formatted using one the formatting styles. Therefore students should familiarize themselves with various writing styles. Modern Language Association (MLA) is one of the citation styles used in writing academic papers. MLA mostly used humanities and arts essay papers.  Writing academic paper using MLA provides a student with a system of referencing their specified sources through parenthetical citation.  The main reason of using MLA writing style is it helps students build credibility which is by demonstrating their accountability of the named sources. In addition, formatting using MLA style protects one from plagiarizing the work.

Guidelines used in writing MLA

When formatting using MLA writing style in any kind of academic paper, you must adhere to the rules given. To begin with you must ensure that you are using a white paper which should be 8 by 11 inches.  In addition, make sure that a space of one inch is left in all sides of your paper. This space is left in all types of academic papers as far you a re using MLA writing style. Remember that the Text should be double spaced and a legible font should be used. Make sure that you use font Times Romans with 12 font size should be used.  Separate all important points with paragraphs where first line of every paragraph should be indented 1 ½ inches from left margin.  Every MLA paper should have a header at the top of the paper and the footer at the bottom of the paper. Numbering should be done on heard at the right side of paper.  Make sure that all pages are well numbered without any omission. Use of italics throughout the paper is done when in longer titles where the emphasis is required.   MLA paper should contain all the sections required. Title page of MLA paper contains title of paper, student’s name, institution name, supervisor’s name and date of submission.  Student’s name, supervisor’s name, course name and date of submission are normally done at the left hand corner of the paper and they should be double spaced.  Title of paper should be centered and should not be underlined or italicized. There should be double space between title and first line of text.  List of references should be in one separate page.

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