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How to Write a Business Plan

A business plan communicates  the detailed operation of a given business.   It is a business projection that shows the business planning in details.  A business plan does not only communicate how the business will be set up, but it also shows how the business will be run. The following are the core parts of a business plan:

Business Plan Summary:

This section gives  general overview of the business. It contains all the sections like an executive summary.

Business Plan Description:

This sections details the business plan vision and mission, the business goals and objectives, the key to success, and other important details that describe the business.

Business Plan Environment Analysis:

This section details the industrial background, the competitive analysis  including the direct and indirect competitors, competitive edge, and the potential competitors. The environmental Analysis also includes a details business plan PESTEL analysis.

Business Plan Market Analysis:

This section analyze the overall market situation. It includes a SWOT Analysis, Porters Five Forces,  and other analytical tools that gives a situation of the market.

Business Plan Customer Profile:

This sections analyzes the characters of the customer

Marketing Plan:

The marketing plan details the overall marketing strategies that will be used by the business. This includes the marketing objectives, marketing strategies, and the marketing mix (4P’s).

Operation Plan:

The operation plan gives the general operational overview. this includes the operations department, hours of opening and closing, and others.

Organization Plan:

The organization plan include details about management plan, staffing plan, and other human resource needs of the organization

Financial Plan:

The financial plan gives the financial projections of the business.  This includes the financial statements, cash flow statemented, income statement, balance sheet, break-even analysis, and others.

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