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Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay becomes hard to students who   have not familiarized themselves with steps followed when writing.  When writing argumentative essay you must note that it must contain some elements.  Therefore you must have sufficient time to prepare and plan for your argumentative essay.    You must be creative when writing your argumentative essay in order   to make your essay interesting.  Try to outline and discuss your argument well for everybody to understand.  Make sure that you use a language that everybody understands for ease delivering of the message.

Steps followed when writing argumentative essay

There are steps which you are supposed to be familiar with when it comes to argumentative essay.  They include:-

Planning stage

In order for you to write a good and quality argumentative essay you must plan your time well.  Set enough time to carry out research and also to brainstorm about what you are about to write.

Finding argumentative essay topic

Every academic paper starts by selection of appropriate topic.  When selecting topic for your argumentative essay, you are supposed to consider several issues which will lead to writing a quality essay.  Make sure that you have strong interest   in the topic you are about to choose.  In addition you have to consider the backups of evidence of your topic.    Good argumentative essay topic should have a wide range of research.  You must also have a strong belief in the topic you are about to choose.

Considering both sides of your topic

After you have chosen the topic of your argumentative essay, you must a list of points which favors both sides.   Make sure that you outline the main objective clearly.  As it will help you present in a systematic way supporting information.

Gathering of evidence

You must find proof to support your claim.  Therefore create enough time in order to gather adequate information.   In argumentative essay writing you must find quality evidence without providing too much drama.  Gather information from various relevant sources.  Make sure that you gather evidence of both sides.

Writing of argumentative essay

Once you have solid foundation to work with, you can now begin writing your argumentative essay.  Argumentative essay should have three parts. Namely:- argumentative essay introduction, argumentative essay body and argumentative essay conclusion.  The length of argumentative essay varies according to instructions given.  Introductory part of your essay should have brief explanation of your topic.  Make sure that body of your essay is composed of information that supports your argument.  Summarize your argumentative essay on conclusion part.

Here is a sample Argumentative Essay on Sibling Rivalry:

Sample Argumentative Essay on Sibling rivalry

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