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Comparison Essays

Comparison essay entails comparing two or more different things.  Comparison essay writing is an easy task but it becomes hard when students are not familiar with what is been asked.   Read instructions given before engaging in any writing.    If facing a challenge, you can always hire our online comparison essay writing services.

How to write a comparison essay

When writing comparison essay, first step is selection topic. Choose a comparison essay topic which is you are interested with and a topic that you have a rough idea about.   You are advised to choose a topic that is within the subject addressed. In addition, select a topic that is easy to understand.  After you have understood your topic, then formulate a good thesis statement.  Thesis statement of comparison essay should be precise and straight to the main point. It is normally summarized in one sentence, however should be self explanatory. Carry out research from various relevant sources in order to gather sufficient and relevant information.  Make some notes during research and also keep a record of details of sources where you gathered your information.   Write down your comparison essay using the information you gathered during research.  Introduction of comparison essay should be opened with a quotation, anecdote or even generalization.   Comparison essay thesis statement should be well stated in introductory part.    Main body of comparison essay is made up of various paragraphs. The first paragraph should cover the first bit of comparison and contrast.  Every point in this part should be supported by a relevant example.  In this paragraph do not mention anything to do with paragraph two. After you are through with first paragraph, now right the second paragraph. This paragraph should basically cover the second section of comparison.   Give enough evidence to support your argument. In addition remember to give relevant examples in every point. Try to compare the information in the first paragraph and information in the second paragraph.   Make sure that both paragraphs contain sensible information.  Your comparison essay should be detailed with relevant information only.  Length of body of comparison essay will depend on the instructions given by examiner.   Conclusion of comparison essay should have a generalization of thesis.  Conclusion section should outline your certainty and knowledge you have in subject matter.  You are required to restate thesis statement in this section but do not add any new information.  After you are through with writing, revise your comparison essay at least twice in order to make sure that it contains no errors.  Finally submit your comparison essay on time before the deadline.

Here is a sample compare and contrast essay:

Sample Compare and Contrast Essay

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