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UK Thesis writing guidelines

The conventions governing thesis writing normally depends on the country you are in.   UK thesis is a stand-alone piece of writing is composed of title, introduction and several chapters which end with a closing conclusion.  Reading and analyzing thesis written previously by researchers gives you an idea of what a thesis should look like.

Sitting down and writing thesis can be intimidating and time consuming but support from your instructor can be of good help.   Thesis writing requires a lot of time, therefore as a students you are required to manage your time well.

How to write a UK thesis

Have at least five topics in your mind analyze each slowly until you conclude in one.  Study the chosen topic keenly and formulate a question which will help you during research. Create much time   to carry out research.   You can gather information from relevant books, journals, websites, and newspapers and also attend debates which relates to your topic.  Questionnaires can also help you gather information which you require. Make sure that you have a rough paper when carrying out research in order to put down every important point you come across.

Structuring of UK thesis

Take some time thinking how you are going to structure your thesis.  Arrange the gathered information in a systematic way.  Make sure that your UK thesis has the following sections: title page, abstract, acknowledgement, content page, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussions or findings, conclusions, references and appendices.    Format your thesis according to instructed style. Thesis can be formatted using MLA Thesis, APA Thesis,  Harvard Thesis, among many.

Final stage of UK thesis writing

After you are through with writing, create another time to go through your thesis. Proofread at least twice. It is advisable to request your friend to assist you in proofreading.    Last but not least submit your UK thesis on time to avoid last minute rush.

Sample UK Thesis on Tourism                    

How Brexit influence on hotels sector into Hospitality Industry in reference to the UK (1)


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