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How to write marketing thesis
After you have compiled all information which you have gathered during lecture time, you are in a position to write a good marketing thesis or dissertation. For you to write high quality marketing thesis you have to familiarize with basic structure of a thesis. First you must address subject matter of your thesis clearly for every body to understand. Secondly make sure that the topic chosen is well supported by ideas which you have introduced. These ideas are gotten from thorough research which you have to carry. Note that your ideas must have a good flow in order to make thesis more attracting. When concluding your marketing thesis, make sure that your conclusion rotates in all thesis. As a scholar you must have a high level of intelligent when handling marketing thesis. Generally composing a marketing thesis is not an easy task, as you have to pay attention to every thing you are writing.
How can you write a good thesis?
After a good familiarization of market thesis structure, you are in a position of writing a good marketing thesis. Marketing thesis is composed of about twelve components. These includes:-
Thesis title page: – this is the first component which appears on the first page of your marketing thesis. A good title page must have a good title which will be discussed on your thesis, then it should have name, a good reason why your are submitting marketing thesis and also it should have name of your institution which must be followed by department , month and year.
Thesis acknowledgment: – it is the page which you show appreciation to whoever helped you in composing your marketing thesis.
Thesis abstract: – it is a summation of your marketing thesis which is normally 120- 150 words. It is composed of background of your topic, aim of study, research methods and also results obtained.
Thesis table of contents: – which contains chapters found in your thesis.
Thesis introduction: – it provides information about what your thesis entails.
Thesis literature review – This section reviews the existing literature on the thesis subject.
Thesis methodology – this details the method of data collection and analysis
Thesis results – This presents the results of a thesis study
Thesis discussion – This discusses the results in light of the literature review
Thesis conclusion –This section makes conclusions based on results and literature review
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