Article review and Critique

More about article review and critique

Like any other kind of academic writing, article review & critique should be written following academic standards.  In simple terms article review & critique is used to summarize and evaluate a given text.  Therefore you are supposed to read the given text thoroughly and also read another related article in order to be able to present fair and reasonable evaluation. Your article review and critique should be interesting in order to capture reader’s mind.  Remember when you write a boring article review you are not in a change of scoring good grades.

Steps followed in article review and critique writing

When it comes to writing, you must be aware of steps followed when writing. There are three steps followed in article review and critique writing.  The first crucial l step in article review and critique is reading of a specific book and make sure that you annotate as you read. As stated earlier read another book or text in order to get information to present on evaluation. Second step is note author’s main point in that book or text and state clearly thesis statement of the author.  Finally divide text or book into various sections of thought and write a brief summary of each thought.  Proofread your article review and critique before submission in order to make corrections.

Components of article review and critique

Article review and critique is comprises of:-

Introduction: –   introduction of article review and critique contains author’s name, author’s thesis statement and title of the book or text.  These elements should be well stated.  Make this part more interesting  to enable  reader read rest of your article review & critique.

Summary: – in this part you are supposed to summarize author’s main points and purpose of writing that book or text. Give evidences in each case to support your points.  Include all author’s emphasize you have come across in that book or text.

Review and evaluate: – discuss the methodology which author used in gathering evidences. In this part it is also necessary to discuss author’s area of expertise. Try to show how author used logical arguments in the book or text.

Conclusion: – it normally summarizes the whole article review and critique.  In this part you are supposed to state your main stand in r elating to that book or text.  Back up your stand by stating your reasons clearly. Finally give general opinion of your work.

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