How to write a Book review

A book review is described as analysis of the critical meaning, focusing on the quality and the significance of the book in its contents. It brings forth the strengths and weaknesses of the material analyzed. The review technically includes the opinion of the reviewer on how well the writer has succeeded to deliver the information to the reader. In other words, a book review is a personal take like any other opinion given in academic discourses, in this case, it can reflect the positive or negative side of the analysis however, it is  prudent that  the reviewer to be objective enough in his reflection.

The first part of review gives identification information about the book, in this regard, the author, title, nature of the book and general subject matter are given to provide a clarion explanation on the specific book being reviewed.

Content analysis starts with stating the purpose of the book.  This will give guidelines to understand why the author has focused on a particular subject. The subject choice is assessed to establish whether it was the best to address the purpose in comparison with other subjects the reviewer would deem possible.  The subject will further establish whether the author was trying to give information or dramatizing a belief in order to persuade the reader to belief his ideas. In addition the purpose will help to examine who the book was intending to address which will provide the foundation to criticize how well the author has succeeded on reaching out the audience and consequently delivering the information he wanted to give to the audience.

Theme is an important component of book review, hence before explaining the other developments in the book it is imperative to give an account on how the theme of the book has been revealed and developed. In this regard, the effectiveness of the author in revealing and developing the theme would be examined by the reviewer and give his personal rating. Further the kind of the theme should be scrutinized to establish the information basket which it belongs. For instant, it may be traditional, psychological, political e,t,c. the purpose and the intention of the theme should also be accounted .

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The plot of a book is ought to be considered, it will entail elements of introduction, suspense during the story telling, climax of the story and the conclusion. In this case, the reflection of how the introduction part correlated with the body and led to conclusion will be accounted. The relationship of the characters and the plot will determine the flow of ideas. Therefore, it is important that the reviewer establish the relationship of plot to character delineation. Other factors, which should be considered in the plot, are the relationship derived between mystery, accident, coincident and suspense during the development of the story. The devices used to show complication and resolutions made in time of difficulties are all creation of the author, so the reviewer should be able to gauge the creativity level of the author by revealing the devices he has used during his writing.

The quality of the book is further evaluated to outline the authors have used various devices like, humor, and dialogue, allegory, satire and intellectual capabilities. For instance, the intellectual quality of the content will be measured by the simplicity of the language used and the clarity of the information provided by the book.

Lastly look into how the whole book has improved you after reading it and give personal comments on the importance of the book in your life and the knowledge acquired.

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