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“Annotated” simply means “with notes.” Thus an annotated bibliography is a bibliography with notes. Your responses to these questions should fill a minimum of ½ a page (250 words) for each source (4 minimum per essay). There are several different ways to format and write an annotated bibliography, however, for this course, you will:
1. List the citation.
You will list your source in correctly formatted APA or MLA depending on the assignment.
2. Summarize the information you will use in your essay.
Briefly tell the reader what information is in the source that you will use in your essay. What point will you prove using this source’s information? How will it help you make a point, give an example, or demonstrate a concept?
3. What 3 pieces of proof do you have that this is a credible source?
Look at both the publication and the author. Who is the sponsor/owner of the website/journal/magazine/newspaper? If it is an organization, how do you know it’s information is credible? Who is the author? What makes them an expert? Advanced degree? Works as a professor or is a licensed professional? Published?
3. Is this source biased?  In what way is it biased? How do you know it is not biased? Is this good or bad for your essay? Explain why.
Here you will determine whether your source is biased or not. You will explain exactly how it is you know, and you will explain why this is either good or bad for your essay. (Bias can come in many forms such as omitting information that goes against their stance, using inflammatory language, or in general, utilizing any kind of manipulation that promotes a for or against stance in their readers)
4. What is it about this source exactly, that makes it appropriate for both your topic and college level research? Explain.
You conducted research in high school, in your every day lives (perhaps to choose a new Smartphone), and in college. In high school you probably were required to utilize the Library for your research, while in your every day lives, you probably Google your topics and choose from the first few sites that appear. However, in college the expectation is that you will begin your research utilizing the Library’s electronic research tools. You are expected to use sources that are considered credible and academic. As you can see establishing credibility for Googled sites can be tricky. However, choosing sources from academic and peer reviewed journals is easy. The very fact that the source is published in one of these journals is a pretty good indicator it is reliable. Peer reviewed means the article was read and approved by someone in the same profession and with advanced credentials. What I want to know is: What is it exactly that makes this specific source appropriate for college level research?