Hotle lawsuit

Hotle lawsuit
On, search "hotel lawsuit".
Then go to the results page that is the same as your birthday. (e.g., March 15 birthday = page 15 of results). Select one of the cases on that page and answer the following questions about it. It can be any kind of case against any hotel, and it’s okay if the case is not over yet. If you have to answer "the article didn’t say," then you need a new case or another resource. If you don’t find a good case on your birthday page, then randomly pick another page until you find one.
Here are the questions – number your answers but don’t re-type the questions.
1. What is the name and location of the hotel?
2. In 25 words or less, what happened?
3. What is the plaintiff’s legal theory of liability? In other words, What law or legal duty does the plaintiff say the hotel breached?
4. How much money is the plaintiff suing for?
5. What do you think is the probability that the plaintiff will win the case? Or if it’s over, what was the result?
6. If you owned the hotel, how much money would you pay to settle the case?