Ergonomic Risk Factor/ Final

Ergonomic Risk Factor/ Final
1. You are the Safety Manager for a manufacturing plant and after analyzing the facility?s injury rates and worker?s compensation costs you determine that ergonomics is a critical area of concern. Describe in detail the steps you would take in fully researching this issue.
2. Justify whether quantitative or qualitative research is the appropriate mode of research for the direction you have selected to travel.
3. Your Corporate Safety Director needs to fill a slot at a national safety conference and believes that your research will be a great opportunity to advance what we know about ergonomics in the safety profession. He would like for you to present your findings in a session at the conference. Can you do as he asks? Why or why not? Provide an evaluation of the scope of ethical issues that must be considered.
4. Your boss believes that the ergonomic problem that needs to be addressed is back injuries because the Shipping Manager complains in every weekly meeting about how many lost days she has had to manage over the past quarter. But after completing your research, you determine that repetitive motion at computer work stations throughout the plant is the most important ergonomic risk factor to address. What do you do? How do you present your research findings when you believe your boss has a preconceived notion of the problem?
5. Describe how authentic research can be used to answer the many ergonomic risk factors that exist in the practical world of a business. How does research differ from typical strategies that are utilized to address ergonomic issues? Is conducting research in business as discussed in this course feasible? Why or why not?