Ecopoetry of W. S. Merwin

Ecopoetry of W. S. Merwin
Write a 15 page research paper/essay on W. S. Merwin’s “Rain in the Trees” and the issue of endangered species.
*How does W. S. Merwin view the issue of endangered species and to-be endangered species?
*What do you think his voice on it is?
*How does his poetry and poems portray his voice? Are they ecopoetic and ecopoems (ecologically conscious)?
*What do you think is the solution he provides to the issue through his poetry?
*Do you think his poems are didactic? Or are they simply depicting the problem without didacticism?
*Next, do you agree or disagree with his poetry and his solution to the issue of endangered species?
*Concentrate on a single volume of published poetry by W. S. Merwin. (Concentrate on the “Rain in the Trees” which is a collection of his recent poems.
*Make sure to incorporate biographies of Merwin and interviews of Merwin (one of each is fine).
*Make sure to quote and cite properly. With a MLA works cited page in the end.