Drug Addiction and Cognitive Psychology

Drug Addiction and Cognitive Psychology
The Final Paper for this course is a Research Study Critique.  For this assignment, utilize the topic and the research methodology approved by the instructor in Week One of the course and the selected peer-reviewed published research study on your topic from Week Three.  You will then go through each section of the research study and critique not only the research but also how the research was presented. In many cases, the research is done well but written or presented in a way that is misleading or confusing. Consequently, it is important to evaluate both the research and presentation. This will allow you to apply the concepts learned in the class to the interpretation of actual scientific research.
The research study that you chose to critique must:
1.  Be an actual research study, not a review.
2.  Contain a literature review of research related to the topic.
3.  Have a clearly stated research question (or questions) and a hypothesis.
4.  Collect data for analysis.
5.  Conduct some type of analysis on the data collected.
6.  Interpret the results of the analysis.
7.  Discuss the implications of the results of the study.