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Discussion board
Paper details:
Either by visiting your local courthouse, or—if available—by going online, pick a property and research the title/deeds for it, noting the form of ownership (e.g., sole owner, joint tenancy, trust) cited on the records. Follow the chain of title back at least three transactions noting who was selling to whom and what the various forms of ownership were. If you are not able to visit your local courthouse and the records are not available online, you may use online records from another region.
Narrate the information that you glean along with your experiences as well as the answer to this question: What type of ownership do you believe presents the greatest advantages and the greatest disadvantages?
In your post, please use generic names for individuals that you researched.
Respond to other posts that express a different opinion. Explain whether or not you agree with their position and reasons and why. Do other posts change your opinion?