Art history of Romanticism

Art history of Romanticism
Essay 1: The Oxford Dictionary of Art & Artists begins its entry for ?Romanticism? with the statement:
Romanticism is so varied in its manifestations that a single definition is impossible, but its keynote was a belief in the value of individual experience.
If we take individual experience to mean the artist?s work as well as the viewer?s response to and public reception of it, how do the works of Canova, Barye, G?ricault and Delacroix demonstrate the ?value of individual experience??
Choose one work by each artist (four in all) and discuss the impetus for its creation (patronage or private creation); the response it gained from its viewers (whether publicly displayed in an exhibition or not); and the position the work held in its contemporary milieu and subsequent decades (i.e. how the understanding of a work changed as Romanticism faded and Realism gained favor in the mid-nineteenth century)
Essay 2: Using at least three works of painting or sculpture, discuss the way in which those works exemplify the artist?s combination of ?Romantic sensibility? with ?Neo-Classical form.?
[Th?odore G?ricault, Eug?ne Delacroix, Thomas Crow, Antonio Canova, . Antoine Louis-Barye, or any other Romanticism style artist.]