Analytical Paper #1: Ethics;2010 film “Inside Job,” directed by Charles Ferguson.

Analytical Paper #1: Ethics;2010 film “Inside Job,” directed by Charles Ferguson.
Watch the 2010 film “Inside Job,” directed by Charles Ferguson.
1) First, summarize the general story line of the film.
There are numerous examples of ethically ambiguous practices featured in the film. These practices may include actions, affirmative statements, omissions and/or schemes.
2) Next, identify and explain two such practices, including brief description of the parties involved, how the practice worked, and why it was ethically questionable. Identify the moral philosophy(s) upon which the parties seem to have relied to justify their actions. Define the philosophies and explain how they led them to act as they did.
3) Lastly, select two alternative moral philosophies that might have led the parties to a different result and, for each one, include a definition of that alternative philosophy and an analysis of how the actors would have acted had they utilized that moral philosophy. Also discuss the likely outcome of acting in accordance with each such alternative philosophy.
Your answer should be written in essay format. It should be divided into the three sections above. There is no need to consult sources beyond your textbook, your class notes, and the film itself. Your essay may not exceed 600 words and should be double-spaced, utilizing Times Roman 12 point font and 1 inch margins. *Be sure to indicate the exact word count at the top.